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Portrait of sexological bodyworker Aisha Paris Smith in white tank top with big afro

Somatic sexologist, bodyworker and life coach. Aisha blends her conscious approach to life with the profound experience of being in a body. She embraces all that it means to be a human with flesh, blood, bones, ego and eros. She experiences every day the wisdom of her body and has seen clients transform through the power of somatic methods.

Aisha specialises in hands-on sex coaching, offering her clients a direct and practical approach to reconnecting with and reclaiming all aspects of their bodies. For Aisha, this work is about more than pleasure - it’s also about finding safety, freeing self-expression and integrating shadow.

She works with the principle that when we can be with and integrate all parts of ourselves, we will each have a greater sense of who we are, where our individual purpose and pleasure lie and how to create a life we love.

She came into this work inspired to support couples create a relationship that works on all levels. Today, her clientele ranges from couples to teenagers and the elderly - people of all ages, descriptions and identities.


Somatic Sexologist

Sexological bodyworker

Life coach

Somatic Sex Educator

Aisha is fully accredited by the ACSB and a professional member of the Association of Somatic & Integrative Sexologists.

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