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Aisha offers a somatic, sexual and sacred approach to self-discovery, pleasure and relationships.

Discover who you are on the most

intimate level and how good it can

feel to be in your body.

Clients of all genders, orientations and relationship styles are welcome.

One-to-one sessions are:

In-person in Islington, London

Remote via telephone

Remote via video call

Intimate pleasure angle of a body receiving sexological bodywork coaching

Sexological Bodywork

Hands-on work lets you explore your body with guidance to overcome obstacles and find the bliss you've been missing. Talking is one thing, but touching is a whole new level. We delve into your body, awaken your senses, heal physical scars, and discover the wisdom within. A somatic journey into unexpected truths.

breast massage coaching photo

Somatic Coaching

Give your body a voice. Explore your needs, wants, and desires while overcoming past and present issues. Are you clear on your desires? Explore coaching, reflection, body-focusing, body-poem and other tools to help you uncover your emotional and embodied self.

Sexological bodywork session in action, coaching through body somatic tools

Couple's Session

To improve your relationship, attend together or individually. When one person changes, everything changes, so follow your instincts. Hands-on work between lovers can be guided. Couples experience a significant shift and rediscover themselves and each other.

Sexological bodywork session in action, coaching through body somatic tools
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